Saturday, March 26, 2011


This life of ours is given us to live, one day at a time,
not all at once.
We are workmen “by the day,” and not “by the job.”
Whether you are ultimately to succeed or not, and what
is at last to become of you, is none of your business.
That is God’s business, or Destiny’s, or Fate’s, whatever
you are of a mind to call it.
All you have to do is to do the work laid out for you
this day.
You are a Common Soldier in the ranks of humanity;
you are not the General.
The Great Plan you do not know. All you need to know
is your orders for the day.
To do your work, in that small corner where you are
placed, that is enough. Then you can sleep. And in the morning
you can do the next day’s work. You don’t have to climb any
hill, nor cross any bridge, until you get to it.
Most of the Fear that spoils our life comes from attacking
difficulties before we get to them.
It is all right to have caution and foresight, to look
ahead and plan, but if you see trouble coming, or disaster, keep
cheerful, do your next duty, and when the issue does come, you
can attack it with your full force and confidence.

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