Friday, March 25, 2011


Be self-sufficient.
Quit thinking about Luck, and Pull, and Influence, and
Circumstances, and Other People.

This whole problem of success is bound up in you
alone. You are going to sink or swim according to the kind of
spirit in you.
The one big, important and essential factor in your life
is — You.
Keep your courage up and no man can daunt you. Keep
your body healthy and disease germs will not harm you.
Keep your conscience clean and you will need be
ashamed to look no man in the face.
Always bear in mind that your ultimate triumph depends
upon your grit, your discipline, your industry, your skill,
and upon nothing and nobody outside of you.

Don’t pin your hopes on others helping you.
If you get boosts and favor, be thankful and go on.
If you get no help — go on just the same.

It’s a queer world. Everybody will help the self-sufficient
man and knock the beggar.
If you want to borrow a hundred dollars, act as if you
had a million. Everybody will come
running to lend you.
But act as if you really needed twenty-five cents, and
we all turn the cold shoulder.

“To him that hath shall be given.”

There’s just one person who is going to make you or
undo you, and that is — You.

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