Saturday, March 26, 2011

I can't take credit from these last writings, they are mixed writings of wise men that stood out to me and the place I am in life right now.  Fear rules the hearts of too many and it has for far too long now.  Opportunity is missed everyday, moments are lost and thats all we have.  Moments, that is what life is made up of.  These simple phrases have made a huge difference in my life so far.  I am not afraid to decide what I want and take a chance, I don't assume everything will fail, I hold hope as one of my best weapons when slaying the dragons in my life.  Just knowing I will get through, trusting myself enough to know I will take care of me.  I will make sure I am happy, that I am loved and I won't allow my life to be anybody elses responsibility. Hope you find these findings somewhat interesting, or relevant to you and your life.

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