Saturday, March 26, 2011

By Dr. Frank Crane

It is safe to say that no good work was ever done in Fear.
Until you have struck the shackles of Fear from your
hands, you can do nothing.
Until you get the grip of Fear loosened from your
mind, your brain is not efficient, and you cannot remember
well, think straight, nor imagine constructively.
Until you purge the poison of Fear out of your heart,
your emotions instead of giving you power and pep will cause
you only shame and confusion. Fear is your greatest Enemy.
It is a Ghost. It is nothing at all. But it is no less terrible
for all of that.
It is this Ghost that knocks the cup of success from your
lips just when you are about to drink.
It is Fear that reaches out its ghostly hands to strangle
you in a crisis, just when everything depends upon you.
It is fear that tangles your feet, hangs like a millstone
about your neck on your journey, dims your eye so that you
cannot see the truth, roars in your ears until you cannot hear
the music all about you, fevers your blood, unstrings your
nerves and pours its senile impotence into your cup of life.
You have one big battle. It is to conquer Fear. That
done, the world is yours, your own will come to you, and the
stars in their courses will fight for you.

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