Saturday, March 19, 2011

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  1. Wow! That was very well written. That was very much me in high school. My goal was to make everyone else around me happy but I found myself getting frustrated cause I no longer had time or energy for myself after pleasing others.

    After high school I made a change I started focusing on myself more and less on others. In doing this I found great confidence in myself which attracted some very successful and attractive women in which I started relationships with. Some of these relationships lasted for a couple of month if not longer. But what I experienced in being a former people pleaser, was by choosing the girl over my family and friends, especially at the beginning of the relationship or dating showed my family and friends what I thought of that perticular girl. In doing that my family and friends grew a strong relationship down the road with the girl. I feel my family and friends did this because they stand by my decisions, as well as respect and trust me in my decisions.

    You are one hundred percent right about the fact being; you are the one that wakes up next to her every morning, she is the one that you are working at spending the rest off your life with. If you put that women before your friends and family, then all will work out for the better for everyone in the end.