Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Fear Spoils All Your Life

If you will think a bit, you will see how Fear spoils all
your life.
Love is “The Greatest Thing in the World,” and it is
Fear that turns the heaven of love into the hell of jealousy and
Don’t be afraid to love, and to believe that you are
loved. Unfortunately it is easy to imagine any one hates you,
and hard to think any one, loves you. But you must be bold to
believe in love if you would be happy.
You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you
will live in torment unless you trust enough.
“He that believes in everybody may be bitten, but he
that suspects everybody will he devoured.”
And Fear makes sensitiveness. Sensitive people
live in perpetual torture. Everyone seems to be sticking pins
into them and stepping on their toes. They are a misery unto
themselves and a nuisance to everybody else.
The root of all sensitiveness is Fear.
Our bad manners, sarcastic speeches,
awkwardness and other things whereby we make enemies
and get ourselves disliked, arise for the most part from shyness,
which is another name for Fear.
Is it not distressing and embarrassing to have anyone
about that is everlastingly hemming and hawing and apologizing
and fumbling and hesitating? Very well — don’t be that
kind of a person. It is nothing but cowardice.
Stuttering, stammering and other speech defects
are caused by Fear. The first thing the expert does, to cure you,
is to teach you not to be afraid. For you stammer because your
words are inhibited, that is, stopped by Fear.
All joy arises from being natural. We are happy only
when we can be our real self. And Fear is the power that
depresses self. It makes us impotent to be happy.
Hence we become affected, for Affectation, Posing
and “Putting On,” all amount to being afraid of expressing our
real self.
You can have no contentment nor peace of mind
until you drive Fear out of the home.

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