Monday, July 30, 2012

12 Laws of Karma


Just as the "Law of Gravity" always works to pull things toward the Earth, these "Laws of Karma" apply to all equally, no exceptions. The universe is neutral: there are no favorite ones, there are no cursed ones, there are only divine beings created by God and all these divine beings are loved by God equally, deeply, and completely.


The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn while they are on Earth is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them. The universe operates under this simple rule: all that happens is by prior agreement based on karmic justice between all the parties involved.


We are born to learn what is right and what is wrong and to act on these beliefs. In the worlds of duality, we learn from experiencing polar opposites: "good-bad", "problem-solution", etc. until we evolve into higher levels of consciousness; learn divine love, joy, and awareness. We walk the divine circle - where there is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future - until we learn our lessons.


What you have done unto others in your life (cause), weaves the karmic agreement of your present and future (effect). Consciously acting from loving kindness to yourself and others instantly reweaves the present and future karmic agreements into greater pathways of empowerment and opportunities.


The point of learning lessons is to achieve balance. What you bring hate to, you are presented with, this is how balance is achieved: For you can only truly understand a thing when you become that thing and cease to judge it, cherish unloving opinions, or harbor unrealistic expectations about it. When we become ill we aren’t to curse it or hate it that only feeds the negative energy, we are to learn from it, thank the pain and illness for getting our attention and helping us to correct our imbalances.


Your consistently repeated thoughts packed with your consistently felt emotions become magnetized and attract similar thoughts packed with emotions to manifest your desires into reality. Whatever thoughts and emotions you focus on the most - with the most intensity and the most time - whether intentionally or unintentionally becomes your belief-karma. The more you invest in them with your focus, the stronger they become. Your belief-karma generates your thoughts, forms your attitudes, guides your actions, and creates your results. You attract what you invest your time and emotions into.


You connect with the people, opportunities, and events necessary to manifest your desires if you allow, believe, and expect it will happen for you. Allowing means you open yourself to let manifestation flow to you by believing what you need to manifest your desires will come to you and by expecting if-when you take consistent and appropriate actions your desires will manifest into reality as you have asked.


Since everything in the universe is energy, the universe is always expanding from lower to higher vibrational states. Change and growth are inevitable because energy is always expanding. The universe expands through chaos, reorganization, and order in an endless cycle of change and growth to create continuous improvement.


Your internal map of reality is always changing to reflect your personal state of learning and growth. Your map of reality is always being refined into greater levels of truth as your consciousness unfolds. Unfoldment is a gradual process so that you can learn life lessons at your own pace as your life progresses.


If you "let whatever happens be ok", you are accepting the "default" pattern of karma. Empowerment comes from a conscious decision to take control of karma by accepting absolute and total responsibility for your life and by always consciously acting with loving kindness.


There is no end to the joy you can experience or to what you can create. For all the power to get what you want comes from within you. Every moment brings with it new possibilities and opportunities for action. Whatever you can dream, you can do, be, or have in the universe of all possibilities... this is your birthright as a God’s child.


Karma begins and ends with love. Karma was created as Universal Law to propel your Soul forward on a personal journey of learning and a journey of refinement to help you become the person you choose to become. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love unconditionally. The sole purpose of karma and this life is to bring us all to a state of divine love, joy, and awareness.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Translating “Different” into the “Norm”

Here is where it all starts to come together!

First off, I’d like to point out that what may seem odd or foreign to us is usually merely different and new.  The point of these writings is to help bring in these “New Age” concepts of alternative medicine and healing to mainstream society.   Important principles we need to understand:
  • §  In order to heal ourselves and become more whole we must look at every aspect of our self (body, mind, spirit, heart.
  • §  Everything is energy and the higher your energy vibrates the better health and happiness you can enjoy. This frequency can be measured in Hertz.
  • §  The normal healthy range of the human body is 62-68 Hertz. At this level and above, nobody has any ailments at all.
  • §  Everyone who has a common cold has a cellular frequency of 58Hz or less; for flu we vibrate at 57 Hz or less; candida symptoms began to appear at 55 Hz, for Epstein Barr virus it was 52 Hz.
  • §  Everyone measured who has some form of cancer has a cellular frequency of 42 Hz or less.
  • §  Clearly, high frequency cells correspond with better health and ideally everyone should strive for a frequency of at least 62 Hz.
  • §  The goal to becoming more enlightened is to raise this frequency.

Your Personal Vibometer for Total Wellness

Cellular frequency method is a valuable aid to monitoring progress in physical healing, but doesn’t give any indication of mental/emotional healing, which is essential for lasting results. The Hawkins scale is a good guide to a person’s level of consciousness or enlightenment, but still doesn’t provide a picture of total wellness, and leaves itself open to ego-centric comparisons: “I’m more spiritual than you.”

Both of the previous methods have their values and can be used in a practical way to monitor progress towards health and personal development goals, but to get a clear picture of total wellness, we would need to track a person’s progress on all levels of being – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

Of course, everyone will be able to achieve differing levels of health and enlightenment in this lifetime, even if theoretically total health and enlightenment are available to all who seek it. Therefore the indicator is personal. We determine where each individual is on a scale of 1 to 100 currently, where 1 is the lowest possible point in this lifetime and 100 is the highest.

This removes the potential for competition and as everyone has set themselves up for different life challenges and potentials, there is no judgment on where a person scores on the indicator – it is just that, an indicator of where you are now that allows you to track progress over time. You could be at a lower starting point then someone else, but that doesn’t indicate a lower level of enlightenment, although it does indicate a higher potential for growth.

My goal is to move clients up the indicator as far as possible using modalities designed for the purpose, and empower them to take responsibility for their own wellness development thereafter.
It is an indicator of total wellness because it combines a person’s health, spiritual development and personal goals into a single value. We can then easily determine what steps to take to increase a person’s wellness to their maximum personal potential.

Why Hi-vibe?

The advantages of a hi-vibe life are immense and moving the needle only a few points on your vibometer can bring enormous benefits. Physical healing is an obvious one. As I said at the beginning – disease cannot exist in high vibration tissue.

Mental/emotional healing is another. Finding forgiveness, learning gratitude, healing phobias and addictions are all characteristics of a hi-vibe living. Spiritual growth is also enhanced, with clients experiencing a deeper connection with the source, leading to a greater sense of peace and well-being.

Healing and seer abilities are enhanced, including communication with spiritual helpers or guides, recognition of synchronicity opportunities and manifesting. It is possible, therefore to realize benefits on all levels, including the proverbial health, wealth and happiness.

Metaphysicians understand that we create our own reality. As everything is connected and human thought creates on the etheric plane things that can be manifested into the physical world, by holding the right intention and with the right attitude we can co-create our ideal life.

Having a higher vibration increases the manifesting power on all levels.

What’s Keeping You Down?

The first step to raising your vibration is to remove from your life the things that might be keeping it lower than it could be. Obvious things include dietary choices, such as sugar, artificial sweeteners and coffee. In The Essential Beginnings, Gary Young describes an experiment that shows coffee can instantly reduce cellular frequency by around 10Hz.

The “universal test” for applied kinesiology (muscle testing) is saccharine. In an experiment by the University of Applied Kinesiology in Minnesota, USA, people from all walks of life, ethnicities and geographies tested weak with saccharine.

Similarly, processed or “dead” foods generally test weak. If it comes in a packet or can, it probably won’t do much for you.

Lifestyle choices can have an effect and stress can have a particularly strong effect on your vibration. Extreme stress can trigger Chronic Reversed Polarity or being “switched.” A switched person’s vibration will be severely constrained but, the condition is thankfully fairly straightforward to heal.

Entrapped emotions will also hold vibration down, particularly anxiety, depression, phobias and addictions. There are several methods for releasing these and allowing vibration to rise.

Exposure to negative energy, such as toxins in food and household items, microwaved foods, and electromagnetic energies, such as those emitted by cellular phones and electrical appliances. Gary Young determined that electrical appliances have a frequency range of around 60Hz, lower than is healthy for humans, and that their alternating currents are detrimental. Clearly it will be difficult to live in the modern world and avoid all of these, but strategies for limiting exposure can be highly beneficial.

People who are hard-hearted, that is hold consistent negative thoughts towards others, tend to have a lower vibration, as do those to avoid or resent human contact. Trying to avoid retreating into a solitary, uncaring existence is important to making progress on your vibometer.

One of the biggest contributors to a low-vibe body that we have seen is Chronic Reversed Polarity, which is why a significant part of our practice is dedicated to healing it.

How to Keep It Up

What you put in your body and what you expose your body to are critical to vibration. Fill your body with hi-vibe nutrition and you will have a hi-vibe body.

Eating food as close to its natural state as possible, meaning fresh, preferably organic, and containing abundant “life force,” will help raise vibration. Frozen and dried is OK too, though not quite as good obviously. Maintaining proper pH balance by eating 80% alkaline and 20% acid contributes greatly.
Different choices are beneficial for different people so it is important to identify the best dietary requirements for your individual body.

It is difficult in the modern world to find foods that contain all of the nutrients a body would need, so supplements are often needed. Choosing hi-vibe supplements, such as spirulina, the highest vibration foodstuff on the planet, and chlorella will help. Green drinks often include these and a host of other herbs and vitamins to provide complete nutritional balance.

Other activities like energy work, including Reiki, and meditation can help raise vibration. Things like reflexology, aromatherapy and massage test strong for most people and can have a very beneficial effect. Getting out into nature regularly, be it the sea, lakes, forests, mountains or just your Local Park or botanical garden, is an important contributor.

Regular moderate exercise, such as walking briskly for 30 minutes five times a week will help keep the lymphatic system moving, aid bowel function and shift stagnating lo-vibe energies from the body
One of the most effective methods of maintaining high vibration is attitude. The universal law of attraction assures that each of us brings to us whatever we put out, so positive people will attract more things to be positive about.

Caring and sharing for your family, friends, and pets and having compassion for everyone is a sure-fire vibration raiser. Make time for social activities

Sometimes entrapped emotions, including phobias, addictions and anxiety prevent or hinder a positive mindset, and releasing these with mind/body modalities  have had profound effects on people’s emotional well-being as well as their vibration.

Polarity balancing, if you have Chronic Reversed Polarity, balancing is essential. Email me for assistance or more information on this!

Making the right choices

I aim to empower people to create their own health and happiness, recognizing that they and only they are responsible for it.

By establishing your current vibration and the potential that can be achieved in this lifetime, then identifying which methods would be most effective in raising it and applying them will deliver greater benefits than most of us can imagine. These include powerful physical healing, mental/emotional healing and spiritual growth.

The table below provides a summary of hi-vibe and low-vibe factors. Everyone can live the ideal way in today’s hurried up, mechanized world, choosing more from the left column and fewer from the right column will help you be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of a hi-vibe life.          

Polarity Balancing            
Chronic Reversed Polarity
Releasing Entrapped Emotions
Phobias, addictions, anxiety
Fresh, organic food        
"Dead" food
Caring, socializing
Retreating, hard-heartedness
Hi-vibe supplements
Sugars, sweeteners
Herbal Teas
Pure or filtered water
Energy work, nature
Exposure to EMF
Regular moderate exercise
Couch potato
Positive Attitude
Negative Attitude

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"God" is the Sum Total of Universal Energy

Many people debate about whether there is a God, or what God is.  Is God an individual personality, sitting up in heaven listening to and granting our requests, or is God simply all the energy that exists in the whole universe, or is God simply nature or the laws of nature?

The Bible says God is a spirit (John 4:24).  It also says that the spirit, given by God, is what gives man understanding (Job 32:8).  And finally, it says that God is light (I John 1:5).

It is important to understand that ancient man described God with an ancient vocabulary and ancient idea sets, but that we can breathe new life into these verses by understanding what was really being said.
What is light?  It's energy.  When a person is brain dead, no electrical activity registers on a EEG test.  Why?  Because his spirit, which is what brings life to the body and understanding to the mind, is electrical energy.  And when the spirit leaves the body, the body dies because the electrical energy which powered the body is no longer present.  God is light, so he is energy, and both God and we are spirit beings.  So God, and light, and energy, and the essence of each of us as spirit beings, is all the same.  We are all made up of the same physical and spiritual essence:  energy.

Everything that exists in the universe is made up of energy.  Every atom has electrons, sub-atomic particles containing an electrical charge, which orbit around the atom's nucleus.  Every atom has energy.  True, some atoms have more energy than others; some have more electrons orbiting their nucleus than others, and some are moving faster than others.  The energy in a piece of wood is moving very slow compared to the energy in a pan of boiling water, but both contain the same kind of energy.  Energy is simply arranged in different patterns in order to make up different people, substances, etc.. But we are still made out of the same energy.

There is a scientific law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes form (conservation of energy).  To be more precise, it states that in a closed system (our universe, for the purposes of our discussion) energy is conserved.  In other words, all the energy that ever existed, that was present at the beginning, still exists.  God, who is all energy, in the beginning took from his own energy to make everything that exists.  Biblical scholars have made much of the original language of Genesis 1:1 saying that the word "created" means "ex nihilo" or "out of nothing".  In other words, God made everything from nothing.  We must understand that biblical writers used their own limited vocabulary and knowledge of science to explain what they thought they saw or were told.  The fact that the universe may have "appeared" out of nowhere does not mean it was created from nothing.  Many forms of energy cannot be seen.  Since God is energy, and we know that everything that exists is made from energy, and keeping in mind that energy cannot be created or destroyed, we see that God took from the pool of existing energy, which was HIM, and created everything there is.  Therefore, not only are the atoms and molecules and sub-atomic particles in a blade of grass made by God, they are part of God himself.  God took of his energy, and changed the appearance of some of it so that it looks different.  But it is still a part of him, just as our hearts and livers are part of us.  So every blade of grass, every raindrop, every animal, every human being, every biological microorganism, every molecule of wood that forms the chair you are sitting on is GOD.  Not just part of God, but IS God.  Everything is sacred, because everything is made from the energy that is God.  This takes away the dividing line between secular and sacred.

How can I say that?  You might be thinking that to say everything is PART of God is understandable, but to say that everything IS can that be?  Because scientists have discovered that every particle of matter and energy that exists resonates on a particular frequency, and that every single particle is connected to and responds to every other particle through these frequencies.  Everything is connected, part of the same whole and part of the same connected communication system.

Let's put it in more concrete terms.  A cell, or molecule, or atom on one side of the world, say in the United States, can communicate with any other cell, molecule or atom on the other side of the world, say in China, because they are able to signal each other with oscillating frequencies, and this communication happens non-locally and virtually instantaneously.  It's like what happens with a radio.  There are lots of frequencies out there with people talking on them, or music playing, and all you have to do is tune the dial of the radio to different frequencies to pick them up.  Then if you have a transmitter you can talk back to them.  That is what our atoms, molecules and cells do.  They tune into whatever frequency they have to in order to communicate with other cells all over the world or the universe, in order to accomplish whatever goal they need to accomplish.

Now, people can usually accept the idea that the cells, molecules and atoms in their BODIES communicate with each other so that the body can function the way it's supposed to.  The body is a closed system, just like the universe.  Just as all the particles in your body communicate so the body can function efficiently; all the particles in the universe do the same.  They are all connected.  Like one huge body.  God's body.
Basically, all energy is God, and there is no such thing as someone being "separated from God".  God cannot be separated from his own body.  Just as we would if we were sick, God does whatever is necessary to bring the parts of his body that are energetically out of alignment back into their proper relationship to him.  If a part of our body isn't functioning correctly because it's frequency is wrong, correcting the frequency disparity often heals the ailment.  For instance, all the cells in the human heart must beat at the same time for the heart to function properly.  If some of the cells are firing at the wrong time, the person will have a heart attack or some other serious cardiac condition.  But there are techniques to help get all the energy of those cells aligned again so the person can be healed.  It is the same for God and his relationship to us.  Everything in the universe is set up to be self-correcting, including our relationship with him.  Everything, from our health, to our finances, to air pollution, to foreign relations, to the movement of the stars and planets....everything is connected, self-correcting, but still within our ability to influence the outcome.  Just as God "thought" the whole world into existence, we also can change the course of events by altering the oscillating frequencies which make communications within this system possible, through our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

God, who is pure energy, makes all this possible.  He set up this network which makes the whole thing happen.  The whole universe consists of energy, but it is the intelligent, organized pattern and interaction of this energy which makes it Divine.  There is no such thing as chaos, no such thing as randomness....for everything that occurs is caused by some disturbance in the oscillating frequencies somewhere in the world or universe, and it is caused by somebody or something.  Either God, or you, or me, or some other organism or thing causes changes in the frequencies which regulate matter and energy, and change happens.

How can we say everything is part of God, and in fact IS God?  Because every molecule, atom and particle that exists is connected by this energetic framework of oscillating frequencies which makes communication between each part possible.  All molecules, cells, atoms and particles are connected to each other at every moment, and influence each others' activities.  Its one big system designed to work together.  My brain can communicate with yours, and your brain can communicate with your cat's; my brain can communicate with the cells of my body so they are led to heal themselves, and your brain can help direct healing energy to the bodies of other people who need healing.  God uses this same energetic system to communicate to our brains, to our cells, to the raindrops which make up a thunderstorm, to anything.

It's the reason why the stars and planets and their electromagnetic fields DO influence our thoughts, feelings and behavior.  Astrology is NOT just some flaky New Age thing.  And psychic ability does in fact exist; that's what it's talking about in the Bible when it speaks of spiritual gifts like the gift of Prophecy, or Wisdom, or Knowledge.  And the gifts of Healing or Miracles are simply examples of the ability to transmute this energetic framework of oscillating frequencies so that you can direct it to do what you want.  And the spirits of the dead, which are simply the sum total of that person's energetic essence, do exist in another dimension and can communicate with us, and we with them, if we learn how to tune the dial to their frequency.  This puts everything supernatural finally and very definitely in the natural, physical realm.  Everything we thought was miraculous and not humanly possible IS possible. Christians learned to direct their energies through prayer.  Some people learned to direct their energies through meditations and visualizations.  It's all a transmutation of the same power grid.  One way of altering this grid it is not better than another.  It all works only because the user directs his focus and energy toward a particular end or goal.  Thus the power grid or unified field is set up so that when we direct our energy, our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings, toward a particular end or goal, it happens.

Whatever technique we use to direct this energy, it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that we learn the power of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  God is Love because love is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to redirect this energy.  When Love is the reason we direct our energy through our thoughts toward a particular goal, that is one of the most powerful energy there is, and that goal will come to fruition.
All things work together for good to them that love God.....Romans 8:28.  We may not understand how, but it is always true regardless of our understanding.  We can be confident it is true because everything is part of God and IS God, so there are no mistakes, nor can their be. 

Copyright 2003-12  Judie C. McMath and The Center for Unhindered Living

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Ancient Greek the word "Soul" means basically what the word "Consciousness" does to us now...

Services Offered

Soul Integration & Energy Healing Services

Emotional Release Processing  $60
Revisit Release Renew
In this form of processing we go back to the age at which the root of a problem or when a specific issue was created and we heal it from there. From there I help you decide on a new belief system or way of being, therefore releasing you of being held a victim of your past self or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Complete Healing Priority $25
Balance your life
I muscle test an extensive amount of information on current physical, emotional, mental, generational, energetic and spiritual imbalances as well as priorities.  This process is typically done remotely. To request a process simply list as many of the current issues and information regarding your current situation as you can in an email. I then test your priority for you and send it back to you with an invoice.

Pranic Healing $45
Energy Clearing/Chakra Balancing
Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. This invisible bio-energy or “vital” energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. A healer can draw in this energy from their surroundings and direct it to address physical and emotional imbalances. 

Trauma Evidence Clearing $50
Release Victim Imprints
In this process we address trauma and abuse head on. We pinpoint the aspects of the Self that were afflicted by these experiences and go through a thorough protocol in which we clear dark/abuse energies, heal the Auric layers, Chakras, Protective boundaries and all other affected aspects including the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic layers.

Tapping into the Greater Needs of the Self through Muscle Testing!

Muscle Response Testing is a quick and simple way in which we can access information from the body/subconscious for our healing.  It allows us to bypass the conscious mind by tapping into a much deeper source of wisdom and information.  Through the muscle test we can see with our own eyes that some things have a positive influence on us, while others drain our life energy.  A simple muscle test can help you to see if you are aligned between your heart and your mind in a goal. It can help you listen to the needs of your body and spirit.  This powerful tool can greatly help us in developing personal awareness and growing in our sensitivity.

Muscle testing is a tool used to bring us more in harmony with our body, spirit, and our gift of intuition.  Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for assisting us in deciphering needs.  For instance the need for more water or the need for less salt in the diet are things we could discover through the test.  We could use muscle testing to see what products are good to take into our body.  Muscle testing can help you learn whether an issue is rooted in the body or in the emotions.  You may use muscle testing to help you understand what you are feeling for example, “this is anger, sadness, fear etc.” some other examples of thing that you can test are:

*How many hours of sleep you need at night.
*What foods are good for you, or not good for you?
*Whether your heart and mind are in alignment
*What your top priorities are for healing and balance

While we should not allow the muscle test to run our lives, it is important to follow through with the answers received.  If we ignore what out body has asked us to do we may grow out of integrity with ourselves.  In this state of “disharmony” it is more difficult to hear our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  On the other hand if we act on the information we have received we can develop trust in the relationship with ourselves.  It is through developing integrity with ourselves and with God that we find health, happiness and prosperity in our lives.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What are we made up of?

There are many different aspects of the self, the Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.  When healing and trying to connect into our true selves it is important to recognize and acknowledge every aspect of our being.

Plato once said, “The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul … although the two cannot be separated”. Throughout history, and in our collective clinical experience, we’ve seen countless “suffering” individuals turning to their higher power. For many of us turning to a higher power is the FIRST thing and the LAST thing we do when we are in pain. What’s interesting is that this connection between spirituality and pain is often overlooked by medical & psychological practitioners, who consider spirituality to be out of their scope of practice.

Whether we are aware of it or not we have moved forward, we are progressing into a bio psychosocial-spiritual framework.  This new paradigm: includes & encompasses all applicable domains that we have: physical, biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

I love that Plato said that because it shows these aren't actually new principle or concepts rather proven concepts that have merely been forgotten.  He also said "that as you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul; and this,' he said, 'is the reason why the cure of many diseases is unknown to the physicians, because they are ignorant of the whole, which ought to be studied also; for the part can never be well unless the whole is well. 

We must heal and work on every aspect of ourselves in order to master the person we are and hope to become and gain true control over our lives.  This is part of the secret to happiness.  To live as a whole and to let thine eye be single. 

What does it mean to be a Highly Sensitive Being/Person?

Above: A Kirlian photograph of a hand.  Kirlian photography refer to photographic techniques used to capture the the energy a person gives off. 

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a person having the innate trait of high psychological sensitivity.  About 15-20% of humans and higher animals have a nervous system that is more sensitive to subtleties. This means that regular sensory information is processed and analyzed to a greater extent, which contributes to creativity, intuition, sensing implications and attention to detail.

Sensitive People are usually quite gifted intuitive spirits as they pick up the less perceived sensations of life. Sensitives are able to pick up on the energy a person gives off, to physically see it sometimes as well.  Reading this energy allows them to perceive what others may be feeling or experiencing at any given time.When you are a sensitive, you feel energies much stronger than other people. This means that you may know what others are thinking or feeling. Not only would you know this but you can actually take on those feelings and make them your own. So if you are in a happy mood and meet someone who is depressed, you can then become depressed as well and not even know why you are feeling that way. Being a sensitive can truly impact every aspect of your life.This sensitivity affects many aspects of your life such as your relationships with people, your career choice, your love life, your fears and more.  When a Sensitive receives training and learns to manage these emotions they are able to offer these profound gifts of theirs to others, acting as guides and spiritual counselors.  These are the tender souls sent to earth to heal our world and the wounded spirits on it. 

I have learned and continue to learn techniques and skills that allow me to alter and transmute these energies helping others to receive greater amounts of healing, clarity and come into their true self and purpose in this life.