Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Wisdom Of Your Cells

I find it difficult to put my finger on any one thing that has been going on in my life right now.  Everything around me is changing so quickly.  It is all a positive movement. Something I look forward to day in and day out.  I am finding that change is the constant that I love, that I need and rely upon.  It is also a skill required to live in such a fast pace world.  We as a human race are constantly evolving, growing, adapting and we keep up with it on most levels.

Recently I listened to lectures given by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He is a brilliant cellular biologist, he has come upon research that changes the world.  The entire perception we use as a society to found our medical system is incorrect.  Not only is it incorrect it is so far off that it is actually doing the opposite of what it is intended to do.  The number one leading cause of deaths in our country is our Medical system! There is proof, there has been proof for years, and it has been published by our medical society in our medical journals.  So why do we still keep to those teachings? We know it isn't working, it hasn't been working for years and yet we hold to the principles.  Blind leading the even more blind.  It is our job to become educated, to question everything, and to push limitations.

Our Medical system has never ":cured" anything.  Never! We trick ourselves by taking drugs to not feel pain, but the pain still exists, we just blocked receptors in the brain to not send the pain message.  It exists.  We have made bandaids.  We don't get to the root of a problem, we cut into a person and take out there organs, we don't address infections, most antibiotics do more harm than they do good.  They work a few times, they weaken our immune system at the same time and take away our ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

If our country is willing to say in God we Trust.  Then we should trust God.  Trust that he gave us the proper equipment and tools to heal ourselves, to protect us from diseases.  He did, but I assure you they are not man made, they are made by him.  They are on this earth, they were created for our benefit and we continually ignore it.  Sciences mission statement is to take God out of the equation.  So we as a country trust God, but just not with everything? Wild. Makes no sense really?

It just makes me question what direction we are really heading in? I know it's not in a good one.