Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fascinating Deviation from the Abnormal!

I left life for a time to heal, now I am getting back into it.  To say this has been difficult is an understatement, it is my Everest. I love being back in touch with friends, people I love and integrating my story with our society, I am saddened to return with a truer set of eyes that allow me to see more for what it is.

Over the last few months I have been delighted to see light, beauty and life in abundance all around me to see it in the eyes of so many I come in contact with.  I find irrefutable that this world was made by God and we are all blessed to be a part of it however, if this is so evident then why is it taken for granted by many and treated disrespectfully by most.  I would rather focus on the positive I see but I am not trying to censor myself or the world for that matter. What is, simply is.  No need to contort it or dress it up differently. So I say it how it is and as grateful as I am to have had wonderful experiences lately I have also had not so wonderful experiences lately.

It amazes me the amount of disrespect I see people have towards themselves and those around them.  Our job in life is to learn to be around people, to work with them and as group to become something amazing!  In order to do this we must start with ourselves, if we are striving and moving towards being the most outstanding being we are capable of becoming then by doing our own part we are contributing to the greater good of humanity. 

Imagine a world where our entire energy as a whole was focused on making this a better place. Sounds cheesy, I know.  Really though, instead of constantly fighting, competing with and threatening our surrounding countries we became allies, put all our time, energy and money into creating successful relationships where we all helped eachother get ahead. So much of our resources go to remembering the past, hodling grudges, seeking revenge, justice and power over other countires. What if we were freed from those chains? What would the world be like? What would our future as a world look like? Think big, think global.  No one economy needs to fail in order for another to be great and in fact if every economy was doing well wouldn't it make sense we would all benefit from it even more than if only one is succeeding? 

This may sound impossible to you or unlikely and you decide if that is the case.  How would this even be attempted? The same way anything is, it starts with you... You decided if you are going to dispaly these behaviours in your life, if you would rather hold onto a grudge, gossip, tear other ideas and people down to get yourself ahead.  As long as this is happening on a small level you can never hope to become anything great because you aren't even giving it all your energy.  It only hurts you in the end, not the people you hold a grudge against.  That's the funny thing about it, it's typically the one that dishes it out that falls behind not the one they are attempting to destroy.  This is how it looks on a smaller scale as well as on a large scale, as long as your petty you'll pay for it.

What the world could look like vs. what we will allow it to look like are two very different things!!! It's our choice...