Friday, May 13, 2011

If you were to die tomorrow?

Cliche, yes.  I've told myself that is unrealistic to live everyday like it were my last.  The same question refined, is what is important in your life, so important that it shouldn't go another day unattended to, or un- resolved?  Do the people you love know just how much they mean to you?  In this perspective what grudges are worth holding?  It weeds out pettiness, selfishness, vanity, judgement, it prioritizes your life for you.

It puts things in order quite quick, what good do grudges, ill feelings, gossip do for you?   It hurts you, others too, the ones you do love.  A stranger is rude it is easy to shrug off, a family member, friend, lover... it may as well of been a knife, it hurts just as bad and will take time to heal.  The reason we get hurt by people is because we love them, we care about them, so when they do us wrong it hurts worse, the betrayal eats at you and it can feel impossible to forgive, to repair or build back the bridge.  

Perfecting forgiveness is imperative in life in order to have successful loving relationships with any human.  Because that right there is our problem, we are human, we all make mistakes, not trying to... It happens.  I have offended people before and had no idea and others have to hurt me and were clueless to it.  People matter, more than anything. We will disappoint one another at some point, say the wrong thing, do hurtful, seemingly unforgivable things, but we will forgive anyways because we are in no place to judge and chances are we have hurt someone too, we haven't been perfect. 

So next time you are feeling entitled, in the right, boasted up by your pride in knowing you are right, ask yourself if it is worth your relationship, that persons feelings?  Ask if it's worth losing their love?  Them in your life altogether. Even if you feel clearly right, and you very well may be, so what?  You have been wrong before, how would you feel if it were reversed?  It isn't our place to hold each other and judge, it is ours to love and forgive...

Live every day like it matters, don't procrastinate love or allow pettiness or pride to be what ruin your relationships, the people you love.  Prioritize, live on purpose.  People matter most, their feelings. If I were to die tomorrow and those things were in order I'd be okay!

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