Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Invent your task and pace yourself!

Words to live by. 
Wake up, shower, brush my teeth, floss, makeup, hair, dress, cup of coffee, drive to work, work, come home, unwind, catch up on emails, phone friends and family; the "Daily Grind".
Sound familiar?  Things we all must do to simply live our lifestyles.  This makes up most of our life, the routine in which we enroll ourselves to.  I am ever changing my routine, trying new things, looking for the next adventure and impulsively taking risks even when I know better  :) 
I have been contemplating this cycle of life; allowing it to consume the better part of my day.  If people choose "what they are going to be when they grow up", why don't they be what they want to be?  Money is a big reason, the risk is too scary, it doesn't work for there social group, or they just kind of gave up and settled for the easy way! 
I refuse to let this be me.  It's too sad and depressing to me to allow this to be my life.  I'm in love with the idea of loving what I do!
 When I write I am free, not to blurt out anything on my mind.  I live in a world of free, what topic will I chose?  I invent my own tasks, pace myself and choose which way to meet my challenge. It's wonderful.  I choose to stretch my mind to exhaustion, I make my work important.  I alone notice if my work is unfinished, the unwritten words are my responsibility.  This is no weight on my shoulder, it is my duty.  I owe the world my talent and that makes this my number one priority. 
My greatness is in my own eyes, so much is left unsaid. The world still turns without my script.  My work is only missed by me.  This is why the priceless trudge must go on.  Risk is mine alone to be taken, the chance of it being dismissed or misconstrued my liability. 
Further, only I am to blame if the world never knows what I had to say.

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