Saturday, February 12, 2011


You are on my mind so much lately.  I have gone down memory lane quite a bit.  Remember riverside golfing?  Taking the golf cart "off-roading" and having some beers by the river, literally. I laughed so hard it made me sore!  You ensured me that was how golf was meant to be played that everyone else had it wrong :)  High school, skipping class because we could and we had so much more fun things to do than go to school.  We found it imperative to go for drives, get slurpys and listening to bone thugs. Oh man.  We could really push each others buttons couldn't we.  I hated when you would put a price on everything, "that'll be ten bucks" and you hated that I was a "flake" constantly lecturing me on the importance of getting back to you promptly.  Oh god, you make me laugh, cry, smile, miss you and remember the life we lived together.  The only problem is you also were always there, it's as though you had a light that would go off when I was in need of a friend, because every time life was rough, there you were.  Running into you while I was going through my divorce, through my drug troubles, boy problems, when I lost my loved ones, when I was just plain scared of living.  You were there.  I wish you were here cause I need to talk to you now.  I need you to take me to dinner like you used to, buy me a drink and make me laugh by updating me on the mischief you have been involved in.  Then you'd get serious and tell me how great we had it, that the world was ours, and to keep my head up. Go to your house and watch movies all night and talk til we fell asleep. It always worked, you knew how to make me feel better.  Kars, I always valued what we had, the kind of friend you were to me.  I just never got to tell you how much it meant to have you around.  You were the glue that held me together so many times, your laugh made me laugh, you were my best friend, you were my husband to be (if we weren't married by 30), you are irreplaceable.  Save me a place by you where you are now, because we have much left to do together.  I love you Kars, keep an eye on me...


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