Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Kars and Nixon

I tell myself you're in a better place
I am not sure that you are.
I still talk to you when I miss you
I hope you're listening from afar.

Lying to find comfort
Needing peace of mind
You didn't mean to leave me
You thought it was your time

I smile through our memories
I wish we could make more.
I cry about the future
Your gone now...What for?

Questions linger harder
I doubt my own beliefs
Who would take you away from me?
Only the prince of peace

Your special gifts were needed
That I can get behind.
You're still on your journey
I am still on mine.

Think about me often
Know I think about you too.
Together we'll get through this
Together me and you.

There's a reason we got through things
It's because it was you and me.
Let's make it through this separation, 
It may be long but don't you see?

Someday we will reunite and then we'll have eternity.....

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