Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mirror of Rejoice OR Regret

Great leaders. Great achievers. Are rarely realistic by other people's  standards. Somehow, these successful people, often considered strange, pick their way through life ignoring or not hearing negative expectations and emotions.  Consequently, they accomplish one great thing after another, never having heard what cannot be done. Never tell someone what they can't do. God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing!
What is the difference in people when they hit despair?  Why does one person take his own life while another moves to greatness?  Circumstances are rulers of the weak but, they are weapons of the wise.  Must you be bent and swayed by every situation you encounter?  Are your emotions and resolve controlled by circumstances?  Circumstances do not push or pull.  They are daily lessons to be studied and gleaned for new knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge and wisdom that is applied will bring about a brighter tomorrow.  A person who is depressed is thinking too much about the way things are now and not enought time thinking about the how he wants things to be. 
All men are driven by faith or fear-one or the other-for both are the same.  Faith or fear is the expectation of an event that hasn't come to pass or the belief in something that cannot be seen or touched.  A man of fear lives always on the edge of insanity whereas a man of faith lives in perpetual reward. Faith is a sounder guide than reason.  Reason never makes room for miracles; faith releases miracles. Reason can only be stretched so far, but faith has no limits.
Ever think about things that never were?  Dreams and goals of the less courageous.  How the world could be very different because of one person?  We know of those people who succeed but, what about those that were close and gave up?  The tragedy of life is not that man loses, but what he almost wins.  As a human, we detour and ease off because we lack understanding.  We quit because we lack faith.  Constant detours do not bring a man into the presence of greatness.  Detours do no build muscle.  Detours do not provide life's lessons.  Between you and anything significant will be giants in your path.  Easing off does not make the going easier.  Neither does it guide one to the desired destination.  Most men ease off when the going is rough.  Most slow down when the road appears treacherous.  These are the times when you must feel the weight of your future on your shoulders- the throbbing, unstoppable strength of desting coursing through your veins.  Times of calamity and distress have always been producers of the greatest men.  The hardest steel is produced from the hottest fire; the brightest star shreds the darkest night. 
Truth needs no evidence, of course.  There will be those who spend eternity examining a reflection of the person they could have become. 

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