Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you know where you are going?

Truth is truth.  If a thousand people believe something foolish, it is still foolish!  Truth is never dependent upon consensus of opinion.  I have found that it is better to be alone and acting upone the truth in my heart than to follow a gaggle of silly geese doomed to mediocrity.  If you worry about what other people think of you, then you will have more confidence in their opinion than you have in your own.  Poor is the man whose future depends on the opinions and permission of others.  Remember this, if you are afraid of criticism, you will die doing nothing!
Getting started, getting finished- both ends of a journey require a demonstration of passion.  Passion is a product of the heart.  Passion is what helps you when you have a great dream.  Passion breeds conviction and turns mediocrity into excellence!  Your passion will motivate others to join you in pursuit of your dream.  With passion, you will overcome insurmountable obstacles.  You will become unstoppable.
Nothing great was every accomplished by a realistic person!  Most people fail at what they attempt because of an undecided heart.  Should I? Should I not? Go forward? Go back?  Success requires the emotional balance of a committed heart.  When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution.  The undecided heart searched for an escape.  A committed heart does not wait for conditions to be exactly right.  Indecision limits the almighty and his ability to perform miracles in your life.  He has put the vision in you-proceed?  To wait, to wonder, to doubt, to be indecisive is to disobey God. 

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