Monday, July 30, 2012

12 Laws of Karma


Just as the "Law of Gravity" always works to pull things toward the Earth, these "Laws of Karma" apply to all equally, no exceptions. The universe is neutral: there are no favorite ones, there are no cursed ones, there are only divine beings created by God and all these divine beings are loved by God equally, deeply, and completely.


The most terrible truth that anyone will ever learn while they are on Earth is… that they agreed to come here and to experience all that has, is, and will happen to them. The universe operates under this simple rule: all that happens is by prior agreement based on karmic justice between all the parties involved.


We are born to learn what is right and what is wrong and to act on these beliefs. In the worlds of duality, we learn from experiencing polar opposites: "good-bad", "problem-solution", etc. until we evolve into higher levels of consciousness; learn divine love, joy, and awareness. We walk the divine circle - where there is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future - until we learn our lessons.


What you have done unto others in your life (cause), weaves the karmic agreement of your present and future (effect). Consciously acting from loving kindness to yourself and others instantly reweaves the present and future karmic agreements into greater pathways of empowerment and opportunities.


The point of learning lessons is to achieve balance. What you bring hate to, you are presented with, this is how balance is achieved: For you can only truly understand a thing when you become that thing and cease to judge it, cherish unloving opinions, or harbor unrealistic expectations about it. When we become ill we aren’t to curse it or hate it that only feeds the negative energy, we are to learn from it, thank the pain and illness for getting our attention and helping us to correct our imbalances.


Your consistently repeated thoughts packed with your consistently felt emotions become magnetized and attract similar thoughts packed with emotions to manifest your desires into reality. Whatever thoughts and emotions you focus on the most - with the most intensity and the most time - whether intentionally or unintentionally becomes your belief-karma. The more you invest in them with your focus, the stronger they become. Your belief-karma generates your thoughts, forms your attitudes, guides your actions, and creates your results. You attract what you invest your time and emotions into.


You connect with the people, opportunities, and events necessary to manifest your desires if you allow, believe, and expect it will happen for you. Allowing means you open yourself to let manifestation flow to you by believing what you need to manifest your desires will come to you and by expecting if-when you take consistent and appropriate actions your desires will manifest into reality as you have asked.


Since everything in the universe is energy, the universe is always expanding from lower to higher vibrational states. Change and growth are inevitable because energy is always expanding. The universe expands through chaos, reorganization, and order in an endless cycle of change and growth to create continuous improvement.


Your internal map of reality is always changing to reflect your personal state of learning and growth. Your map of reality is always being refined into greater levels of truth as your consciousness unfolds. Unfoldment is a gradual process so that you can learn life lessons at your own pace as your life progresses.


If you "let whatever happens be ok", you are accepting the "default" pattern of karma. Empowerment comes from a conscious decision to take control of karma by accepting absolute and total responsibility for your life and by always consciously acting with loving kindness.


There is no end to the joy you can experience or to what you can create. For all the power to get what you want comes from within you. Every moment brings with it new possibilities and opportunities for action. Whatever you can dream, you can do, be, or have in the universe of all possibilities... this is your birthright as a God’s child.


Karma begins and ends with love. Karma was created as Universal Law to propel your Soul forward on a personal journey of learning and a journey of refinement to help you become the person you choose to become. Karma ends when you have perfected yourself in your ability to love unconditionally. The sole purpose of karma and this life is to bring us all to a state of divine love, joy, and awareness.

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