Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tapping into the Greater Needs of the Self through Muscle Testing!

Muscle Response Testing is a quick and simple way in which we can access information from the body/subconscious for our healing.  It allows us to bypass the conscious mind by tapping into a much deeper source of wisdom and information.  Through the muscle test we can see with our own eyes that some things have a positive influence on us, while others drain our life energy.  A simple muscle test can help you to see if you are aligned between your heart and your mind in a goal. It can help you listen to the needs of your body and spirit.  This powerful tool can greatly help us in developing personal awareness and growing in our sensitivity.

Muscle testing is a tool used to bring us more in harmony with our body, spirit, and our gift of intuition.  Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for assisting us in deciphering needs.  For instance the need for more water or the need for less salt in the diet are things we could discover through the test.  We could use muscle testing to see what products are good to take into our body.  Muscle testing can help you learn whether an issue is rooted in the body or in the emotions.  You may use muscle testing to help you understand what you are feeling for example, “this is anger, sadness, fear etc.” some other examples of thing that you can test are:

*How many hours of sleep you need at night.
*What foods are good for you, or not good for you?
*Whether your heart and mind are in alignment
*What your top priorities are for healing and balance

While we should not allow the muscle test to run our lives, it is important to follow through with the answers received.  If we ignore what out body has asked us to do we may grow out of integrity with ourselves.  In this state of “disharmony” it is more difficult to hear our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  On the other hand if we act on the information we have received we can develop trust in the relationship with ourselves.  It is through developing integrity with ourselves and with God that we find health, happiness and prosperity in our lives.  

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