Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The "Win-Win" Lifestyle

Something interesting to me is the perception many people have as well as society is that in order for one to thrive one must go without.  If someone is to be rich, or wealthy, then another must be needy and poor.  The thought that in order to win there must be losers.  It is quite odd actually, at least I think so.  Why have we decided that we can't all have peace, harmony, love, abundance, wealth? It is possible. Just because it isn't so doesn't mean it can't be.

I find it happening all around me, constantly. I laugh at it now, even though it isn't a laughing matter.  I have learned to take myself out of the race to rankings.  How? If I run a marathon, then great I did it! That is all that I care about, where I took place doesn't matter because I reached my goal.  No one had to not run the marathon in order for me to win it, that is silly.  For whatever reason, we've decided as a culture that it isn't enough to simply do, to take risks, to push ourselves.  It's true.  We've decided that we must win and someone lose in order to truly "win".  This is one of the larger lies we've bought into.

In my land, if a million people set out to run a marathon and we all did it, we all just "won".  We all achieved what we had set out to do.  That is enough, that is more than enough.  Deciding who did it the best, the fastest  or the prettiest is just petty.  It does matter that people put in the effort but why does it matter who finishes first?  Another example, a big one, in order for one girl to be pretty other girls must be ugly... Ya, I went there :) Really though, can't the world house beautiful women? Ya, it can.  Do we need to put one girl down to lift another-nope! Appreciate both as they are, as God designed them (he knows what he's doing).

I find the comparisons silly, petty and a belief system that needs to be done away with.  We aren't running out of money, of beauty or anything else to need to selectively give it to a handful of individuals.  This world is an abundant place, their is plenty to go around for everyone. Always has been always will be, but acting as though some may starve so others can eat is just ridiculous and jaded.  Doesn't matter what the masses think, this is truth, it's just how it is!

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