Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life is a Virtual Reality

I am very aware of the bigger picture.  Their is a lot more to this life, the world, society and the universe than we can even comprehend. 

I'll say it like this.  Imagine you are playing a video game, in the video game is a little avatar you.  You sit down and play the game.  You begin playing it so much that one day while playing, you take your avatar to work and your boss yells at you.  He tells you you are worthless, lazy and a terrible person.  The avatar cries but you cry as well.  It is only a game but you have become so connected to it that you now mistake it for your reality. . 

This is what happens when we only look at one aspect of ourself.  We have a mind, a body, a spirit, a soul.  If we purely look at one aspect and fail to see ourselves as a whole, We are blinded by what is actually going on because we are not capable of seeing the big picture.

Big Picture.  We are intelligent, beautiful, talented people.  Every one of us has a reason for existence, we bring a different flavor to the table.  Just being you is incredible.  You are the only one.  By doing absolutely nothing on your part you were born a unique individual with gifts that only you can offer to the world.  You have your own perspectives to give and these differences are what make the world an amazing place.  No need to conform, simply to allow yourself to be just as you are.

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