Thursday, July 7, 2011

The roads of life are strewn with the wreckage of run-down and half-finished loves. -Ralph W. Sockman

As children we are taught to pick up our messes, we made the mess so it is our responsibility to pick it up.  As parents that is what we teach our children.  Their are consequences to our actions, all our actions. 

If their is a spill, say an oil spill, the company responsible must pay the damages and take all necessary action to undo what they are responsible for, even it was an accident.  The world holds all responsible, our judicial system holds companies, persons, responsible and their are heavy consequences for those that try to evade responsibility.  Car accidents, we are liable for having insurance, taking care of anothers car.  It is expected, taught and we all abide by this standard, either willingly or unwillingly.

So why then do we take no responsibility for the emotional wreckage we bestow?  We blame the ones we loved and left for loving us too much, for not knowing we were going to leave, for not reading our minds and then for trying to make us feel bad about it as if it were not our responsibility at all.  We cause emotions spills, and walk away as though we aren't responsible at all for hurt feelings, broken hearts, lost hope, shattered self-esteems and justify our actions so we aren't left feeling guilt.  Loved ones around us even feed into our woes, helping us to be okay with leaving another persons life shattered.

t may cost thousands in therapy.  What is self worth, worth?  How long does it take to build back confidence?  Unless their is a special pill I am unaware of that takes care of all emotional messes left by us... I believe we are responsible for cleaning up our emotional massacres as well.  At helping put people back together, even if it means hard work, humbling ourselves and showing we do care we left another human in pain.  It isn't easy to stay and watch the wreckage left by none other than you, even though it was most likely done on accident.  It still was your fault, so step up.  Show you care, maybe not in the way you once did, but don't you still have compassion for humanity?

We have all been on both sides of this situation if you have ever dated.  Walking away and leaving someone to fend for themselves and figure it out is you, being heartless.  That is the truth, deny it, fight it, manipulate it.  You know that if you got someone into a mess you most likely will be the on most effective at helping them get out of it. Or at least at helping them to piece life back together.  Take care of your emotional spills, the ones that were hurt, even if it was an accident.  You could be preventing years of pain, therapy, insecurities and restore some sort of decency to humanity.

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