Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daily Observence

Very rarely will someone just say it.  How are you? Typical response good, fine, great,etc... Honestly has been so far driven out of our daily interactions, some have the gall to call it etiquette.

I don't ask we exploit our lives, but how in the hell does anyone expect to make progress if we repeat the same things over and over.  I am exhausted by most humans, I dread running into someone from the past, I abhor dating, loathe meeting people and refuse to attend funerals, weddings or baby showers... (btw, I'm thinking of holding an, I'm single shower, I want presents too!) This all sounds selfish, rude, insincere and self righteous of me.  Maybe it is, I don't claim to be perfect, nor to be a master at what I preach.... I see it this way.

I don't care to have the same conversation over and over again and that is all I hear.  Different faces,  same approaches, human behavior is literally so predictable that we have been able to categorize everything!!  Mental conditions due to specific events, how a person will react to them, how best to treat them.  So alike, the groups that refuse to conform thus conforming to nonconformity.

Stereotypes of people, classes... it has been done throughout the ages.  Their were even trends dating back to Jesus Christ.  Many painters haven't been sure if he should be painted with a beard or clean shaven because, the trend at the time was to be clean shaven. 

What good are we doing?  AA, NA,CA- the first step in making progress is admitting you have a problem.  People look down on the addicts, tell your mistakes, how you are going to fix it, have a support group.  Where is the support group of life?  Seriously??? 

Moms struggle everyday not knowing what to do with their out of control teenager, their daughter who is getting a divorce, their anorexic daughter, the husband that has depression.  Dads struggle on how to keep it together because falling apart just isn't an option when they are stressed, how to provide, are they showing enough love, how do you have a relationship with a gay son?  Us, kids, who should we be around, how do we select our friends, how do you handle your drug addicted brother, learning to take abuse because what else do you do?

There are real issues in the world, people going through crisis everyday, feeling alone and like they are the only ones and having no where to go and no one to talk to.  The irony in it all is, the masks we put on are enabling our own progress.  Facebook, blogs parading our polite lies so others won't judge us or look down at us and think we are failing.  Not that the other extreme of bitching and wining our woes is the right way to go either.  Life is hard.  Not always but, yes, at times it is overwhelmingly so.  So why do so many of us put off life as being perfect?  Is it to need to feel superior?  Or are we over compensating for our insecurities? 

Either way, balance is a good idea in all things.  So it is most likely true when it comes to life.  It isn't all good, it's not supposed to be.  Nor is it all bad.  Admitting our faults and shortcomings may just open the door to a helping hand rather than the weight of the world on your shoulders. Atlas, or Goldilocks?

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  1. Very good thought. Love the idea for a single shower, you totally should. p.S. who is the guy in the picture?